Straight boy Travis Banfield has a great uncut dick to stroke for you

I have to say right from the start of this that Travis Banfield hasn’t made anything new for a while and this video is a bonus with extra footage from one of his previous wanking sessions, but I think you guys are gonna want to go and watch the videos he’s been in anyway. I think everyone there was hoping that he was gonna get into some cock frotting and mutual wanking with one of their other straight lads but he never did (you still need to watch him, then see all those other straight lads sharing their cocks with each other!) but we’re happy to see this straight young Personal Trainer getting his uncut dick out and wanking himself off for the world in this one. He’s a great guy, seeing him splashing his cum out of that intact boner is enough to have me making a massive mess all over the place too. Click through to see him erupting his load and why not leave a comment about him below?

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