Straight boys Casey and Aiden have a great time with their uncut dicks

Casey Lee is having a great time with his new buddy Aiden Walsh in this latest friendly cock play video, but if you think this is gonna be another mutual masturbation session with a couple of horny straight lads rubbing their uncut dicks together then you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised! Not only do these guys grab those cocks, frot their meat together and have a great time rubbing each other’s stiff inches against their own, Casey gets his mouth around that cock and starts sucking Aiden off! He loves it, of course, wanking his new friend while his own cock gets licked and sucked. The cum loads these guys splash out at the end of all this cock play should have you all joining in with them. Click through and watch the fun these guys have, leave a comment below too!

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2 thoughts on “Straight boys Casey and Aiden have a great time with their uncut dicks

  1. Both great guys. Watched this video last night and shot a big load seeing them rubbing those cocks together. Aiden is one of those lads I thought wouldn’t be willing to go too far but it’s great to see him back again. Casey is gorgeous too, he really seems to like sucking on that cock!

  2. Casper is one of the best. He always looks like he’s having fun even though he’s been new to sharing his cock with other guys. Good to see Aiden back too. The way these guys are smiling through so much of this video shows they had a great time playing with those cocks. Casey can come and suck my cock any day!

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