Is male model Pietro Boselli uncut?

I know you might be thinking this is a little bit of an odd post to be putting up on the Uncut Dicks blog, seeing as we don’t actually get to see Pietro Boselli’s cock, but I think we can see enough in this sexy shoot and we know enough about him to know that he’s most definitely uncut.

He’s a gorgeous hunk of a man who turns heads wherever he goes, ever since he was discovered teaching in London by a student who took a thirsty pic of the handsome hunk bulging out of his sweater at the front of class. The guy (I assume it was a guy) shared the pic of Pietro Boselli on the internet and within days a whirlwind of publicity about the guy was making him a viral hit. How could he not become that given he’s so damn gorgeous and so incredibly well-built?

Since that photo was taken a few years ago he’s been traveling around the world working with all kinds of photographers in all kinds of shoots, but I think this collection of photos is the most interesting I’ve seen so far. The guy likes to tease, no doubt about that, but we’re getting enough here to get a good idea of the kind of sexy uncut cock he’s packing into those wet undies.

Damn, we all want to see this guy naked and showing it all off, right?

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