Uncut muscle men get their dicks out for the Maskulo company

If I had a men’s underwear brand I would be producing marketing shoots like this every week. I don’t know why more companies aren’t getting into the erotic realm in marketing their products, because it’s clearly working for the Maskulo company, who I seem to keep seeing everywhere. There’s a good reason for that, it’s because they have some really hot hunks showing off their fetish gear and being totally shameless about it.

They don’t just tease with their shoots like some other companies do, they really go all-out and have their models naked and even jerking off. They also have a good habit of picking some really great guys to wear their gear, too.

So, all those underwear companies might want to pay attention to what this company is doing and consider who buys your products and how Maskulo is getting their brand all over blogs like this, for free. Just sayin’

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